Your are going to read an article about difference types of reviews. For each question, choose from the sections (AE). The sections may be chosen more than once.

For those needing a hotel in an unfamiliar location, online reviews written by people who feel it necessary to express their opinions can be very helpful. They can also be confusing, as there may be rave reviews along with those which advise the unsuspecting tourist to stay far away from the particular establishment. For this reason, it is advisable to read through all of the comments and lists of the pros and cons mentioned. It could be that the problems people encountered would not be regarded negatively by someone else. It is also important to remember that reviews alone may not be enough to convince a traveller one way or the other. If the hotel is conveniently located and the price is right, people are more likely to book it in spite of the experiences of some unsatisfied customers.
Reading film reviews can aid the general public when choosing among the many options for entertainment on the big screen. As most people have limited time to actually go to the cinema, reviews play an important part in influencing people as to their choices. Reviews are also readily available as soon as a film has premiered. Despite the fact that it is very easy to find out what a film critic has written, it may be better to simply take a chance and go to see films that sound interesting to you. Many excellent movies have suffered from negative publicity through the writings of those who are considered to be professionals. It would be better, therefore, to bear in mind that people’s tastes are different; what one person considers to be entertaining or engaging may be regarded by someone else as extremely boring. In addition, not every film can possibly appeal to everyone in the same way.
Food critics are often feared by restaurants as a bad review can be very damaging to business. Therefore, the owners generally try to offer critics the table they request and suggest the dishes they feel will be judged most positively. What a critic writes may have more of an effect on a new restaurant but can also have consequences for a well-established one. On the other hand, the public certainly has the right to know if a restaurant is meeting health and safety standards in regard to the preparation of food. Food critics are often employed by newspapers or magazines to write columns which appear regularly, but today many reviews can be found on the Internet as well. Some critics have even created shows and have followers who rely on their opinions to help them decide where to enjoy an evening out.
Those who review shows on New York’s Broadway or in London’s West End may be considered some of the most powerful people in the business. As it is too expensive today to take shows on extended tours to other cities, many shows work on fine-tuning both the dialogue and the music by having previews for several weeks or months. Theatre critics have the opportunity to see the shows without all the excitement and glamour of opening night. This may give them a better perspective on the performance as they are able to watch it with a ‘normal’ audience, rather than in a theatre filled with celebrities or family and friends of the actors and producers before writing the review. They then work on their reviews and publish them when the show opens. As these reviews can be highly influential in ticket sales, they are taken very seriously by the entertainment industry.
Those who write reviews of books or articles are often considered to be experts on the subject matter of the work they are asked to assess. Reviews of academic titles may be published in journals or online and read by colleagues around the globe. When writing such a review it is important to comment on a number of factors such as the methods and result of the research, how the information is presented, and the style of writing of the author. It should be possible for the reader to get a good idea of what the book or article is about. However, reviewing non-academic titles requires other skills. If the book is fiction, the reviewer has to be careful not to give away too much information about the plot and still engage the reader. For non-fiction books, it is important to cover the main topics in the book, as well as any conclusions the author might have come to.


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