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What to consider when making a career change

A time may come when you decide to change your career and start something new, a situation that is not unusual. However, bear in mind that there are several points to consider first.


Another point to consider is that it is often not advisable to make a career change simply because you dislike your current job. Give some thought to what specifically about your job makes you unhappy. A similar job in a different company or environment might better suit your financial and personal needs.


Sometimes people simply give into pressure from those around them to take on something different. As you are the only person who can determine if a job is for you or not, you need to stand firm when others try to convince you to make a major change.


Once you have taken the steps to increase your professional contacts, begin examining different options carefully. Do some research on your own into areas you had not previously considered. Sometimes an opportunity presents itself totally by chance and if you have informed yourself as much as possible, you will be in a better position to judge if it is the correct one for you personally and not because of outside influences.


In addition to carrying out research, taking time to do some self-reflection can help you to think carefully about your core values and what you want out of life. Consider free-time activities you do, as you may be able to turn one of them into a job. You also need to be realistic about your strengths and weaknesses, as well as reflect on what you consider rewarding about a job. All of these factors can work together to point you in the direction you would like to go.


Once you have made up your mind and begun to acquire the skills you need, it is time to give some thought to actively taking the next step. Make sure you are up-to-date on how to search for a job, in addition to presenting yourself well through your CV and at an interview.


Changing a career is a major step. But if you go about it carefully and with forethought, it may be exactly ‘what the doctor ordered.’


Changing a career may be the right thing to do at any time in someone’s life. Interestingly enough, this may happen by chance when a hobby suddenly turns into a job which can support you or you discover that you are especially good at something you had never previously considered doing. Keeping your eyes and ears open to suggestions from friends and family, as well as being ready to take on new challenges, may lead to a new and exciting career path.
Finding the correct way ahead will also mean taking a look at the qualifications and experience necessary in the new position. Some skills can be transferred from one job to another, but you may well need to gain additional training or certification in order to apply for the job. There are often opportunities to do this while you continue in your current job.
However, although a new job may seem to be very attractive because of the salary it pays, that does not mean it is the right one for you. You need to carefully consider your work–life balance. If the position involves a great deal of overtime or travel, make sure that these requirements will not have a negative impact on you or the other people in your life.
However, talking to other people who are in your professional network can be beneficial as they can help you with this decision. If possible, join a professional organisation and begin to create contacts which can aid you in your search. Finding a mentor may also be of great help when considering moving into a new field.
It can be a mistake to base a career choice on the success of another person. Each of us is different and we all have our unique personalities; what is rewarding for one person may not be for another. The best way to decide if a particular job would suit you is to find out as much about it as you can.
Keep in mind that you are not alone in your search. There are a number of resources to help you along the way and give you tips on what you need to succeed when invited to present yourself to a new company.
To start with, it is highly recommended that you begin by creating a plan. Take into account the best way to go about looking for a new job, as well as your financial situation. If extra education or training is necessary, think about whether you can afford to stop working for a time or if you can accomplish this before leaving the position you are in.

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